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Alash, 2007
Alash, 2007

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Alash: Mai-ool Sedip, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik (seated)

Alash is a throat singing group from Tuva. The musicians, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Mai-ool Sedip, Ayan Shirizhik and Sergei Sotpa, were all trained in traditional Tuvan music since childhood. They formed a group called Changy-Xaya in 1999 while they were students at the Kyzyl Arts College, and they became the school's resident traditional ensemble. At the same time, however, they were learning western musical techniques, and they began incorporating musical elements and non-traditional instruments that meshed well with the sound and feel of traditional Tuvan music. They use old instruments such as the murgu, shoor, and limpi (wind instruments) that are not frequently played in Tuva today, as well as distinctly western instruments such as guitars and accordions.

Two members of Alash were students of master Xoomeizhi (throat-singer) Kongar-ool Ondar at the Republic School of the Arts, and Mr. Ondar has played a key role in the life of the band since its early days as Artistic Director, encouraging and guiding their formation as an ensemble.

In 2004, Alash was awarded first place for an ensemble in the throat singing festival that was held in the Oviur district of Tuva, which borders Mongolia.

Alash toured the United States in 2006, sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center at the Library of Congress with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. The CD Alash Live at the Enchanted Garden is a recording of the group's live performance at the Enchanted Garden in Ridgefield, CT, USA on March 17, 2006.

Alash toured the United States again from April through June 2007. They released a new CD, titled simply Alash in April 2007.

Sean Quirk, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), is the group's manager, producer, and interpreter. He studied music in Tuva on a Fulbright Fellowship, and now makes Tuva his home. Sean and the other members of Alash are also members of the Tuvan National Orchestra.

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Alash Live at the Enchanted Garden, 2006
Alash, 2007