Damyran Aylanmaa

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Aylanmaa Damyran has been a Singer with Tyva Kyzy since the creation of the group. She was born on 28th July 1975, in Bai-Tal village of Bai-Taiga region. In 1993 she was taught khoomei by the renowned as “People's khoomeizhi” (throat singer) of the Republic of Tuva, Khunashtaar-ool Surunovich Oorzhak. Aylanmaa performs the following styles of Tyvan Khoomei: khoomei, sygyt, borbangnadyr and damyrak borbangy. The very first witnesses of her talent in her childhood were the steppes and the mountains of Bai-Taiga. As well as khoomeizhi she also plays the Tyvan national instruments igil, khomus and doshpuluur. She was an honored participant of the Republican contest "Ak-ool’s igil" of 2002. She plays in the Tyvan National Orchestra, teaches khoomei at the children's club in Kaa-Khem village, Kyzyl region. She is married with one son.

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