Horse nomenclature

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Horses are commonly given a compound name consisting of two words, one describing the color and the second describing some other distinguishing feature such as gait or age.

Horse coats

  • ak white.
  • ala multicoloured, variegated, motley, piebald (black and white), skewbald (white and any colour but black).
  • bora grey.
  • dorug bay (reddish-brown).
  • kaldar sorrel (reddish-brown with yellowish markings).
  • kara black.
  • karala (< kara ala) dark piebald, dark skewbald
  • kïr roan (dark coat sprinkled with grey); liver-chestnut
  • kïskïl chestnut.
  • kula tawny, lightbrown with black mane and tail.
  • oy dun, isabel; kara-oy dark dun.
  • sara light bay.
  • sarala (< sara ala) light skewbald, yellowish.
  • sarïg yellow; blond, light bay.
  • šokar motley, dappled, spotted.
  • xuvala light bay.


  • bazar ambling.
  • chelish trot.
  • chyraa ambler.
  • sayak ambler.


  • day colt, young horse of two or three years.
  • kulun (suckling) foal, colt.


  • chügürük able to run fast, racing, swift.
  • emdik not broken-in, unridden.


  • Emdik-Bora: Unridden Grey
  • Dorug-Daj: Bay Colt
  • Kula-Daj: Tawny Colt