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Тыва Дыл Kичээллер
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Tyvan Lesson 0: Cyrillic letters and Spelling

by Stacey Borsody
All rights reserved


Tyvan is written in the Cyrillic alphabet with a few additional letters. This is a quick tutorial for learning Cyrillic. Most of the letters are based upon the Greek alphabet. A lot of them are familiar looking to users of the Latin alphabet since the Latin alphabet is related.

Letters that look and sound the same as their Latin counterparts:

  • А Е К М О C Т

Letters that look the same but sound different:

  • В (v) H (n) Р (r) У (u) Х (kh)

Letters that are recognizably from Greek:

  • Г (gamma) П (pi) Ф (phi)

Special Tyvan letters

  • Ө (ö) Ү (ü) Ң (ŋ)

The other letters:

  • Б (b) Д (d) Ё (jo) Ж (zh) З (z) И (i) Й (j) Ц (ts) Ч (ch) Ш (sh) Щ (shch) Ы (y) Э (e) Ю (ju) Я (ja)

The hard and soft sign:

  • Ъ (`) Ь (')