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Kudurgay-ga tur-a düš-pes / kundus düktüg kula dayïm (~ daynï)

My (~ The) tawny colt with otter hair / that will not jib at slopes.

kudurgay slope.

-ga dative case

tur- to stand, to stand up, to stand still.

-A converb (combines two verbs or clauses)

düš- to fall; auxiliary expressing a sudden action.

tura düš- to come to a sudden standstill, to jib.

-pes (-MAs) negative present/future participle

kundus otter.

dük hair.

-tüg adjective suffix ‘having X, rich in X’

düktüg having hair, hairy, haired.

kula a horse colour: tawny, lightbrown with black mane and tail.

day colt, young horse (two or three years).

-ïm first person possessive ‘my’

-nï accusative case; the accusative case that occurs in some versions is not connected to any verb; maybe it is a relict from a version with a different third and fourth verse.

Xuraldarga surgakčïlaar / xuviskaalčï agitator

The revolutionary, the agitator, who is on a mission to the assemblies.

[?or: he is on a mission to the assemblies: the revolutionary, the agitator]

xural meeting, gathering, assembly.

-dar plural

-ga dative case

surgakčïla- to be on a mission, to go on a business trip, to make an official journey.

-ar present/future participle [?or tense]

xuviskaalčï revolutionary (noun).

agitator agitator.

Čoogaga tura düšpes / šolban ïškaš šokar dayïm (~šolban düktüg šokar dayïm)

My dappled colt resembling a star (~ with star hair) / that will not jib at ravines.

čooga hollow, cavity, depression, ravine.

-ga dative case

šolban Venus; star. [in some Turkic languages also: blaze, horse with a blaze]

šokar motley, dappled, spotted, multicoloured.

ïškaš similar, like.

Soŋguldaga surgakčïlaar / soruktug-la agitator

The revolutionary, the agitator, who is on a mission at the election.

soŋgulda election.

soruktug resolute, strong-willed, inspired, enthusiatic.

Kolxoz den-den koža baskan / koygun düktüg kula dayïm

My tawny colt with hare’s hare / that treads connecting the kolchozes.

kolxoz collective farm.

den-den [?or deŋ-deŋ; unknown word, maybe onomatopoeic or repetitive action]

koš- to join, to add, to hook on, to hitch, to tack to; to lengthen; to couple, to pair, to mate.

-A converb.

bas- to press; to tread.

koža bas- to tread while joining/connecting?

-kan present/past participle.

koygun hare.

Xovularga surgakčïlaar / končug eres agitator

The audacious agitator, who is on a mission in the steppes.

xovu steppe.

-lar plural

končug very, greatly, a lot, terrible, awful.

eres bold, daring, audacious.

Čïmčak sigen sïya baspas / čïraa bora (~ boram) munuksaar men

I long to mount the (~ my) ambling grey / that will not trample the soft grass.

čïmčak soft.

sigen hay; grass.

sïy- to break something.

sïya bas- to tread so it breaks, to tread to pieces, to trample.

-pes (-MAs) negative present/future participle

čïraa ambler.

bora grey

-m possessive first person singular ‘my’

mun- to ride; to mount.

-uksa wanting to, long to.

-ar present/future tense.

men I.

Čïïlganga surgakčïlaar / šïnčï (~ čïmčak) sözün dïŋnaksaar men

Being on a mission at the gathering / I long to hear his true (~ soft) words.

[?or: he is on a mission...]

čïïl- (čïglïr) to come together, to assemble, to gather; to be heaped up, to form a heap.

-gan present/past participle

-ga dative case.

čïïlganga to/at the one(s) having gathered, [?or: when gathering]

-ar present/future participle [?or tense]

šïnčï true.

söz word.

-ün third person possessive accusative

dïŋna- to hear.

-ksa wanting to, long to