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Ээрбек-Аксын Сайыр-Аксын / Ээн куруг кагбаан-на мен

Eerbek-Aksïn, Sayïr-Aksïn / een kurug kagbaan-na men

I did not leave Eerbek-Aksy and Sayïr-Aksy deserted and empty

Eerbek-Aksï geographical name.

eerbek arched, bow-shaped; name of a village.

aas mouth; mouth of a river; opening.

aksï (< *agïzï) his/her/its mouth.

-ïn 3rd person possessive/accusative.

Sayïr-Aksï geographical name.

sayïr pebbles, shingle; dried-up river-bed, covered with pebbles.

een empty, uninhabited, deserted; ownerless.

kurug empty; hungry.

kag- (kaar) to let; to leave (behind), to abandon; to put, to cast.

-ba verb negation.

-gan past.

kagbaan (< kagbagan) did not abandon.

-na emphatic particle; rhythmic filler syllable.

men I.

Эрге кара кулугурну (~ эжиккейде) / Ээледип кагган-на мен

Erge kara kulugurnu (~ ežikkeyde) / eeledip kaggan-na men

I left, letting my beloved guy/girl manage the household

(~ I left them with my beloved friend, letting [him/her] manage the household)

erge comfort, soft life, delight, bliss.

kara black, dark.

erge-kara dear one, beloved, sweetheart.

kulugur fellow, guy, girl.

-nu accusative.

ežikkey pal, buddy, friend.

-de locative.

eelet- to let occupy, to let keep house, to let manage a household.

Оорарган Сайыр-Аксын / Оŋга (~ окта) куруг кагбаан-на мен

Oorargan Sayïr-Aksïn / oŋga (~ okta) kurug kagbaan-na men

I did not leave ...Sayïr-Aksy empty at all

oorargan [not in dictionary].

oŋga [not in dictionary].

okta truly, absolutely, perfectly, at all (only in negations).

Ортун кара кулугурну / Олуртуп-ла кагган-на мен

Ortun kara kulugurnu / olurtup-la kaggan-na men

I left it, letting my beloved guy/girl dwell [there]

ortun middle.

ortun-kara dear one, beloved, sweetheart.

olurt- to make sit, dwell.

-up converb.

-na emphatic particle; rhythmic filler syllable.