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Resume of information gathered on Tyvanlearners about the suffix -Aj:

The function of the suffix -Aj in kozhamyk (folk songs) is that of a rhythmic dummy syllable, to arrive at the canonical eight syllable verse.

In the songs, the suffix seems to occur only when following a possessive suffix. Examples:

malymajny - my herd (mal 'livestock' + -(I)m possessive 1sg + -Aj dummy + -NI acc)

adaanajdan - from below, from the bottom (adak 'bottom end' + -(z)I(n) possessive 3 sg + -Aj dummy + -DAn ablative)

üstünejden - from above, from the top (üst 'top end' + -(z)I(n) possessive 3 sg + -Aj dummy + -DAn ablative)

The origin of this dummy is possible the rare, affective/endearment suffix -(A)j, which occurs in exactly this peculiar position. The only example given in the grammar by Isxakov & Pal'mbax is avamaj 'my mummy, my mother dear'.

Umay 06:29, 6 January 2006 (PST)