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Кадарарда хоюм чараш

Kadararda xoyum čaraš

When tending [them], my sheep are beautiful

kadar- to pasture, to tend, to shepherd, to watch.

-ar present/future participle.

-da locative.

-arda when ...-ing.

xoy sheep.

-um 1 person possessive ‘my’.

čaraš beautiful.

Катап сөглээр авам эки

Katap sögleer avam eki

My mother who speaks again (?teaches) is good

katap again, anew; times.

sögle- to speak, to tell.

katap sögle- ?to teach.

-er present/future participle.

ava mother.

-m 1 person possessive 'my'.

eki good, well.

Үндүрерде хоюм чараш

Ündürerde xoyum čaraš

When driving [them] out, my sheep are beautiful

ündür- to let go out, to take or bring out.

-de locative.

-erde when ...-ing.

Үттеп сургаар авам эки

Üttep surgaar avam eki

My mother who admonishes is good

ütte-surga- (a binome) to admonish, to exhort, to give advice.

-p converb ''.

ütte- [not listed independently in dictionary; cf. CT *ötle- to advise]

surga- to admonish, to exhort, to give advice.

Үнүп көөрде тейим бедик

Ünüp köörde teyim bedik

When trying to climb, my hill is high

ün- to go out, to climb.

-üp converb ...-ing.

kör- to see; also auxiliary: to try to.

köörde (< körürde) when seeing

tey hill; top.

bedik high.

Харап көөрде тейим бедик

Xarap köörde teyim bedik

When trying to look at [it], my hill is high

xara- to look at.

Аалдар кезип чоруур сен дээш / Авам ачам атына бээр

Aaldar kezip čoruur sen deeš / Avam, ačam atïna beer

My mother and my father will break out in reproach, saying: You are wandering among the settlements

aal village, settlement.

-dar plural.

kezi- to wander, to roam.

-ip converb ...-ing.

čor(u)- to go.

-ur present/future.

-(I)p čor(u)- continuous/progressive.

sen you.

de- to say (marking direct speech).

-geš converb.

deeš (< degeš) marks direct speech 'saying'.

ača father.

atïn- to scold, to rebuke, to reproach.

-a converb.

ber- to give.

-a ber- inchoative: to begin, to start, to break out in.

Аграмчылыг аъдыңар чок

Agramčïlïg ahdïŋar čok

Your lassoed horse is not there

agramčï (~ argamčï) lasso

-lïg adjective 'having'.

aht horse.

-ïŋar 2nd person plural possessive 'your'.

čok not present, not there, without, no.

Ону дилеп чордум дээр мен

Onu dilep čordum deer men

I went searching for it, I say

onu him/her it (accusative).

dile- to look for, to search.

-du past tense.

-m 1st person marker.

de- to say (marking direct speech).

-er present/future.

men I.

Чер-ле кезип чоруур сен дээш / Чеңгем акым атына бер

Čer-le kezip čoruur sen deeš / Čeŋgem, akïm atïna beer

My sister-in-law and my elder brother will break out in reproach, saying: You are roaming the grounds

čer place, earth, soil, land, ground.

-le emphatic particle; also rhythmic filler syllable.

čeŋge sister-in-law (elder brother’s wife).

akï elder brother.

Челеңерде бызааңар чок

Čeleŋerde bïzaaŋar čok

Your calf is not at your tether

čele tether (for calves).

-ŋer 2nd person plural possessive 'your'.

bïzaa calf.

-ŋar 2nd person plural possessive 'your'.