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Каргыраамны кагбас-ла мен

Kargyraamny kagbas-la men

I will not abandon my kargyraa

kargïraa style of throat singing using a low voice.

-m 1st person possessive.

-nï accusative.

kag- (kaar) to let; to leave (behind), to abandon; to put, to cast.

-bas negation present/future.

-la emphatic particle; also rhythmic filler syllable.

men I

Хапка суккаш астып аар мен

Xapka sukkaš astïp aar men

After having stuffed it into a bag, I will carry it from my girdle

xap pouch, bag; case, cover; box, package.

-ka dative.

suk- (sugar) to dip into, to put in, to stick in, to stuff in.

-kaš converb 'having, after having'.

azïn- (astïr) to wear attached to the girdle.

-p converb.

al- to take, to obtain, to get, to buy.

-ïr present/future.

aar (< alïr) takes.

Хөөмейимни кагбас-ла мен

Xöömeyimni kagbas-la men

I will not abandon my xöömej

xöömey style of throat singing.

-im 1st person possessive.

-ni accusative.

Хөмге суккаш чүктеп (~ сөөртүп) аар мен

Xömge sukkaš čüktep (~ söörtüp) aar men

After having stuffed it into a rawhide, I will carry it on my back (~ drag it along)

xöm rawhide, leather.

-ge dative.

čükte- to carry a load on the back.

söört- to carry, to convey, to transport, to haul, to drag.

-üp converb.