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Xayan (a man's name)

Оо Хайан ее Хайан

Oo Xajan ee Xayan

Oh Xayan, eh Xayan

Ол-ла чарык чурттуг Хайан

Ol-la čarïk čurttug Xayan

This Xayan who has a country with ravines

ol that; he; she; it.

-la emphatic particle, rhythmic syllable filler.

čarïk crack, cleft, fissure, crevice, trench, slit; steep bank, ravine; side.

čurt land, country, nation; region; place, locale; yurt, encampment, dwelling.

-tug adjectivizer 'having, rich in'.

Ол-ла чарык чурттуг болгаш / Орлан ерес кайгал Хайан

Ol-la čarïk čurttug bolgaš / Orlan eres kaygal Xayan

This smart, bold and daring Xayan who has a country with ravines

bolgaš and.

orlan smart, lively, frisky, capable, adroit, bold.

eres bold, daring.

kaygal daring, bold; dashing, spirited; daring person, dare-devil.