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mörgül prayer; worship.

Суму чонум сүр-ле күжү / Суларавас быжыг турзун

Sumu čonum sür-le küžü / Sularavas bïžïg turzun

The force and strength [of] my district[’s] people / will not become weak, may they stand firm

sumu former administrative division of Tuva, district.

čon people.

-um 1st person poss. ‘my’.

sür küš power, might (binome with küš, sür does not occur independently).

küš power, force, strength.

3rd person poss. ‘his/her/its’.

-le emphatic particle (also used as a rhythmic filler syllable).

sulara- to become weak.

-vas negative present/future tense.

bïžïg stiff, hard, strong, firm.

tur- to be, to be situated; to stand, to stand still; to stand up, to get up.

-zun 3rd person imperative/optative 'may, let it'.

Сүрүг малдың бажы менди / Сүрлүг күжү улам өссүн

Sürüg maldïŋ bažï mendi / Sürlüg küžü ulam össün

The heads of herd[ing] livestock [are] safe / may their formidable strength grow more.

(?or: the herd[s and] head[s] of livestock [are] safe)

sürüg herd, flock.

mal livestock, cattle, horses.

-dïŋ genitive case ‘of’.

baš [bahš] head; head (counter for livestock).

3rd person poss.

mal bažï ~ maldïŋ bažï head of livestock.

mendi safe and sound, healthy.

sürlüg formidable, terrible.

-lüg adjective suffix 'rich in, with, having'.

sürlüg küš formidable strength.

ulam more, still.

ös- to grow.

-sün 3rd person imperative/optative 'may, let it'.

Аймак чонум төлээзи бооп / Хамагалап тейлеп ор мен

Aymak čonum töleezi boop / Xamagalap teylep or men

Being the spokesman of my province[’s] people / [?asking for protection] I am praying.

aymak tribe, clan, region, province.

tölee representative, spokesman.

-zi 3rd person poss.

boop (< bolup < bol- (boor)) to be; to become.

-up converb: X-ing .

xamagalap [unknown verb, ending in -p converb; maybe amïralda- ~ avïralda- to ask for protection, or aramayla- to ask time for reflection ?].

teyle- to pray, to worship.

-p converb: X-ing.

or < olur- to live, to be at a place, to sit.

-(I)p olur- progressive/continuous.

men I.

Таңдымайдан өршээл дилеп / Авыралдап чалбарыдым

Taŋdïmaydan öršeel dilep / Avïraldap čalbarïdïm

I prayed, asking for mercy and protection from my lofty mountain forest.

taŋdï high mountain, high taiga (mountain forest).

-m 1st person poss. 'my'.

-ay rhythmic filler syllable (< affective suffix).

-dan ablative case 'from'.

taŋdïmaydan from my lofty mountain forest

Quote: "The taŋdï is the spirit of a high mountain. The ritual of praying to the taŋdï is called in Tuvan Taŋdïm-Alday avïraldïg, and is described on page 98 in Zoya Kyrgys' book Pesennaja kul'tura tuvinskogo naroda (Song culture of the Tuvan people), Kyzyl 1992."

öršeel mercy, pardon, amnesty.

dile- to look for, to seek; to ask for.

avïral salvation, deliverance; protection; mercy; help; amnesty.

avïralda- to ask for, to beg; to take care of, to spare, to protect.

-da verbalizer.

čalbar(ï)- to ask for mercy; to beg; to pray.

-dïm 1st person singular past tense.