Tongue twisters

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The Tyva vernacular term for tongue twister is дүрген чугаа (dürgen-chugaa, quick speech): a sequence of words, often alliterative, difficult to articulate quickly.

Also included here are узун тыныш (uzun tynysh, long breath): a counting sequence that involves a contest in length of breath. These basically consist of a numeral followed by a word, such as курут (kurut, dry curds), чарын (charyn, shoulderblade), бала (bala, pestle), or будук (buduk, branch). They make a great way for learning Tyva numbers as well.

Узун тыныш

Чаа, мен эки эр болуйн, үжен ак доŋга санаайн:

Бир ак доŋга,

Ийи ак доŋга,

Үш ак доŋга,

Дөрт ак доŋга,

Беш ак доŋга,

Алты ак доŋга,

Чеди ак доŋга,

Сес ак доŋга,

Тос ак доŋга,

Он ак доŋга,

Он бир ак доŋга,

Он ийи ак доŋга,


Чээрби ак доŋга,

Чээрби бир ак доŋга,


Үжен ак доŋга...


Chaa, men eki er bolujn, üzhen ak dongga sanaajn:

Bir ak dongga,

Iji ak dongga,

Üsh ak dongga,

Dört ak dongga,

Besh ak dongga,

Alty ak dongga,

Chedi ak dongga,

Ses ak dongga,

Tos ak dongga,

On ak dongga,

On bir ak dongga,

On iyi ak dongga,


Cheerbi ak dongga,

Cheerbi bir ak dongga,


Üzhen ak dongga...


So, let me be a good man, let me count thirty white jugs:

One white jug,

Two white jugs,

Three white jugs,


Ten white jugs,

Eleven white jugs,

Twelve white jugs,


Twenty white jugs,


Thirty white jugs...