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To Do List

Trouble in Translation

The tongue twisters contain several words that are not in the dictionary. It is possible that these are merely words that are not frequent; it is also possible that these words are nonce words, especially created to fit the structure of the tongue twister.

Does anyone know whether the following words really exist:

  • sürügle-, from sürüg herd, flock, + verbaliser: ?to walk through the herds, to herd, to flock.
  • inekte-, from inek cow, + verbaliser: ?to walk past the cows, to cow.
  • todarla- possibly created on the declined form todar s/he will be satiated.

Words and expressions in the lyrics that are unclear or not in the dictionaries, and require explanation (see also the Talk pages):

  • kozha bas- ?to brand. (Agitator)
  • čïïlganga ?when having gathered, to the gathering. (Agitator)
  • egüür ?long ago (possibly a dialect form of egiir). (Ancestors)
  • xaya daš rock and stone (perhaps referring to petroglyphs?). (Ancestors)
  • čažïŋayïn- (~ šažïŋayïn-) ?to pick, to poke, to jab. (Dadyr-Dadyr)
  • xeyil ?that fellow. (Dyngyldai)
  • kanča- what to do, how to act [connected with accusative: ?what to do about...]. (Dyngyldai)
  • karaŋgay ?darkness, dusk (possibly a loan from Mongolian qaraŋγui ~ qaraŋqui). (Dyngyldai)
  • xadïmnat- ?to let blow (in a breeze). (Dyngyldai)
  • oorargan ?. (Eerbek Aksyn)
  • oŋga ?. (Eerbek Aksyn)
  • alïksančïg ?desirable. (Eki Attar)
  • kažaa xöree ?fence. (Irik Chuduk)