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Chaa öŋner

New colors for TyvaWiki! Tell us what you think. --Sborsody 11:08, 18 February 2007 (PST)

Tyva Dyl in Wikipedia

The Tyvan localization files for MediaWiki have been checked into the release tree. If you have a Wikipedia account, you can now select tyva dyl as your language! Still needs lots of work, but it is a start.

Interwiki Links

  1. If you want to link to an article on Wikipedia, use 'wp' prefix, like [[wp:Tuva]]. This goes to the English Wikipedia. Try it! http://tyvawiki.org/wiki/wp:Tuva
  2. You can also link to a Wikipedia of a different language by adding the language prefix after 'wp'. Example [[wp:de:Tuwa]]. Try it! http://tyvawiki.org/wiki/wp:de:Tuwa
  3. From Wikipedia you can link to any article on TyvaWiki by using 'TyvaWiki' prefix, like [[TyvaWiki:Khandagajty]]. (They appear to not allow linking through the URL, but it really does work. Try it on a Wikipedia sandbox.)

Copyright Info

I've removed the "GNU Free Documentation License 1.2" license tagging from TyvaWiki. I think it was a bad idea to begin with. Why is this being done? The driving reason is because there is some content that should not be re-released under GFDL and the general user may not be aware of it. Items will be individuall marked as released under GFDL. We still do not post copyrighted material unless it falls under US fair use laws.

Tyvawiki Upgraded

Now running Mediawiki 1.9.3. Release Notes

--Sborsody 08:41, 24 February 2007 (PST)

Tuva Online

TyvaWiki has been featured at Tuva Online!


  • TyvaWiki now has a spam blacklist. If you find you cannot edit a page, please notify User:Sborsody with the error message.

To Do List

  • Translate user interface to tyva dyl. Set your language preferences to tyva dyl. Edit TyvaWiki:Interface_translation_project page to participate.
  • Standardise the names of artists (surname/given name), as some artists have two entries.

Trouble in Translation

The tongue twisters contain several words that are not in the dictionary. It is possible that these are merely words that are not frequent; it is also possible that these words are nonce words, especially created to fit the structure of the tongue twister.

Does anyone know whether the following words really exist:

  • sürügle-, from sürüg herd, flock, + verbaliser: ?to walk through the herds, to herd, 'to flock'.
  • maasta-, from maas gadfly, + verbaliser: ?to walk past gadflies, 'to gadfly'.
  • todarla- possibly created on the declined form todar s/he will be satiated.

Words and expressions in the lyrics that are unclear or not in the dictionaries, and require explanation (see also the Talk pages):

  • kozha bas- ?to brand. (Agitator)
  • čïïlganga ?when having gathered, to the gathering. (Agitator)
Compare with шуулган, which is a word I've seen used on Tyvanet forum and it means forum or meeting. --Sborsody 23:08, 13 February 2007 (PST)
šuulgan forum is a loanword from Mongolic (LM čiγulγan). I was just wondering whether čïïlganga derived from the verb čïïl- (participle + dative) or whether there exists a derived noun čïïlgan (participle), which is not in the dictionaries, but many such forms are listed in Anderson & Harrison). Umay 07:15, 25 February 2007 (PST)
Here is the information I got from Krice on Tyvanet --Sborsody 09:17, 25 February 2007 (PST)

And the word "Чыылган" is based on the verb "чыыр" (to muster/assemble).

No, maybe even the verb "чыглыр" (to muster ourselves).

"[олар] чыылган [чон]" = [they are] mustered [people].

  • egüür ?long ago (possibly a dialect form of egiir). (Ancestors)
  • xaya daš rock and stone (perhaps referring to petroglyphs?). (Ancestors)
  • čažïŋayïn- (~ šažïŋayïn-) ?to pick, to poke, to jab. (Dadyr-Dadyr)
  • xeyil ?that fellow. (Dyngyldai)
  • kanča- what to do, how to act [connected with accusative: ?what to do about...]. (Dyngyldai)
  • karaŋgay ?darkness, dusk (possibly a loan from Mongolian qaraŋγui ~ qaraŋqui). (Dyngyldai)
  • xadïmnat- ?to let blow (in a breeze). (Dyngyldai)
  • oorargan ?. (Eerbek Aksyn)
  • oŋga ?. (Eerbek Aksyn)
  • kažaa xöree ?fence. (Irik Chuduk)
  • xamagalap ?. (Mörgül)

Found so far (in tolkovyj slovar tuvinskogo jazyka):

  • alïksančïg ?desirable. (Eki Attar) Meaning: such that what one likes to get it.
  • avïralda- ?to ask for protection, mercy. (Mörgül) Meaning: to ask for, to beg; to take care of, to spare, to protect.
  • inekte-, from inek cow, + verbaliser: ?to walk past the cows, 'to cow'. Meaning: to drive up or round up the cows.