Denzin Sholbana

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Sholbana Denzin has been a singer with the group since 2004. She was born on 26th May 1983 in Ak-Turug village, Chaa-Khol region. She performs three styles of Khoomei: khoomei, sygyt and kargyraa. She has performed since 1999.She graduated from the Faculty of Printing, Moscow University, in 2005. She plays igil, doshpuluur, khomus and also sings traditional folk songs. She was a participant of the festival “Russian Dawn” (1999), Laureate of student festivals “Festos” (2003, 2004) and “Star of Moscow’s North” (2004) and Laureate of the International festival in Khandagaity “Sygyt-khoomei in the land of Övur” hold as a memorial to National Khoomeizhi Genadiy Tumat.

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