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The khomus is an instrument more commonly known as a jew's harp, jaw harp, mouth harp, or trump.

Wooden khomus - Yjash khomus

Daja khomus
A khomus made consisting of an Y-shaped twig from a honeysuckle tree.
Charty khomus
A khomus made from a flat chip of wood; its central plate creates more explicit vibrations than the daja khomus.
Söösken khomus
A khomus made from the wood of the mountain rose-willow.
Sheler khomus
A bamboo khomus with a string attached to the tongue.

Other kinds of khomus

Söök khomus
Fashioned from bone.
Khyl khomus
A khomus with horsehair.
Demir khomus
What most people are familiar with, a khomus made from iron.


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