Ondar Bady-Dorzhu

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Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, a member of the Tuvan throat singing group Alash, was recognized as the best male singer in the Üstüü-Xüree Festival in 2005. In 2006 he won Best in Competition among xöömei performers on the 85th birthday of the famous throat singer Maxim Dakpai. In 2007 he was named "People's Xöömeizhi" of the Republic of Tuva; he was the youngest person ever to receive this award. At the 2008 International Symposium of Xöömei, Ondar won the grand prize for throat singing.

He was born in 1984 in Iyme. At the age of four, Kongar-ool Ondar heard him sing and was so impressed that he invited Bady-Dorzhu to become his student. Bady-Dorzhu studied with Kongar-ool Ondar at the Republic School of the Arts and accompanied his mentor on tour in the United States, where he appeared on the David Letterman and Chevy Chase television shows. He is a graduate of the Kyzyl Arts College and a member of the Tuvan National Orchestra.

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