Personal Pronouns

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The Personal Pronouns and Their Cases

The English may not be completely right, but it gives an idea of what the meaning is.

Nominative - адарының падежи

Мен Men I
Сен Sen You
Ол Ol He/she/it
Бис Bis We
Силер Siler You (plural/polite)
Олар Olar They

Genitive - хамаарыштырарынынг падежи

Мээң Meeŋ My
Сээң Seeŋ Your
Ооң Ooŋ His/hers/its
Бистиң Bistiŋ Our
Силерниң Silerniŋ Your (plural/polite)
оларның Olarnyŋ Their

Dative - бээрының падежи

Меңээ, мээ Meŋee, mee To me
Сеңээ, сээ Seŋee, see To you
Аңаа, аа Aŋaa, aa To him/her/it
Биске Biske To us
Силерге Silerge To you (plural/polite)
Оларга Olarga To them

Accusative - онаарының падежи

Мени Meni Me
Сени Seni You
Ону Onu Him/her/it
Бисти Bisti Us
Силерни Silerni You (plural/polite)
Оларны Olarny Them

Locative - турарының падежи

Менде Mende At me
Сенде Sende At you
Ында Ynda At him/her/it
Бисте Biste At us
Силерде Silerde At you (plural/polite)
Оларда Olarda At them

Ablative - үнериниң падежи

Менден Menden From me
Сенден Senden From you
Оон Oon From him/her/it
Бистен Bisten From us
Силерден Silerden From you (plural/polite)
Олардан Olardan From them

Directive I (allative) - углаарының падежи

Менче Menche Towards me
Сенче Senche Towards you
Олче Olche Towards him/her/it
Бисче Bische Towards us
Силерже Silerzhe Towards you (plural/polite)
Оларже Olarzhe Towards them

Directive II (allative) - углаарының падежи

Мендиве Mendive Towards me
Сендиве Sendive Towards you
Олдува Olduva Towards him/her/it
Бистиве Bistive Towards us
Силердиве Silerdive Towards you (plural/polite)
Олардыва olardyva Towards them