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Тулаа-шынаа эртинези - Дуруяа-ла кушту хоюспаңар

Tulaa-šïnaa ertinezi - Duruyaa-la kuštu xoyuspaŋar

Do not frighten the crane - Treasure of marsh and river bed

tulaa marsh, swamp.

šïnaa valley, river bed.

ertine treasure, jewel.

-zi 3rd person possessive: his/her/its.

duruyaa crane.

-la rhythmic filler syllable.

kuš bird.

-tu accusative case.

xoyus- to frighten.

-pa- verbal negation: not.

xoyuspa- to not frighten.

-ŋar 2nd person plural imperative: do not, don't you.

Турган боттуң изиг-ле чүрээ - Дунда-ла карам аттынмаңар

Turgan bottuŋ izig-le čüree - Dunda-la karam attïnmaŋar

Do not scold my beloved - The warm heart of one’s own ?

tur- to be, to be situated; to stand, to stand still; to stand up, to get up.

-gan present/past participle.

turgan ?

bot self, own.

-tuŋ genitive case: of.

izig warm, hot.

-le rhythmic filler syllable.

čürek heart.

čüree < čürek-i.

-i 3rd person possessive: his/her/its.

dunda-kara beloved.

-la rhythmic filler syllable.

kara black; frequent compound in terms of endearment: dear.

-m 1st person possessive: my.

attïn- to scold, to curse, to swear, to offend.

-ma- verbal negation: not.

-ŋar 2nd person plural imperative: do not, don't you.

Алаак-шынаа эртинези - Аңгыр-ла кушту хоюспаңар

Alaak-šïnaa ertinezi - Aŋgïr-la kuštu xoyuspaŋar

Do not frighten the shelduck - Treasure of glade and river bed

alaak forest glade (at river crossings and on islands).

aŋgïr ruddy shelduck (an aquatic bird).

Ал-ла боттуң изиг-ле чүрээ - Анай-ла карам аттынмаңар

Al-la bottuŋ izig-le čüree - Anay-la karam attïnmaŋar

Do not scold my darling - The warm heart of one’s own ?

al every, all, whole.

anay-kara sweetheart, darling, lambkin.

anay kid, lamb.

Тулаа шынаа эрий-ле берген - Дуруяа-ла куштар амыраар боор

Tulaa šïnaa eriy-le bergen - Duruyaa-la kuštar amïraar boor

Marsh and river bed thaw up - The cranes will surely rejoice

eri- to melt, to thaw.

-y converb: -ing.

eriy melting.

ber- to give; inchoative auxiliary verb: to start, to begin to.

-gen past tense.

eriy ber- to begin melting, thawing, to thaw up.

eriy bergen have begun to thaw, thaw up.

-tar plural.

amïra- to rest, to console oneself, to take comfort; to rejoice, to enjoy, to be glad.

-ar present/future participle.

boor probably, likely, surely.

-ar boor it is likely that, it may be that.

Дунда-ла карам ырай-ла берген - Душтуу чоктар амыраар боор

Dunda-la karam ïray-la bergen - Duštuu čoktar amïraar boor

My beloved goes away - Those without lover will surely rejoice

ïra- to go away from, to leave; to be far from.

duštuk fiance, bridegroom, bride, beloved, lover.

čok no; there is not, absent; without, -less; lack, absence.

-tar plural.

čoktar those who have not, those without, the ones without.

Алаак шынаа эрий-ле берген - Аңгыр-ла куштар амыраар боор

Alaak-šïnaa eriy-le bergen - Aŋgïr-la kuštar amïraar boor

Glade and river bed thaw up - The shelducks will surely rejoice

Анай-ла карам ырай-ла берген - Адааргактар амыраар боор

Anay-la karam ïray-la bergen - Adaargaktar amïraar boor

My sweetheart goes away - Those envious will surely rejoice

adaargak envious, jealous.

adaargaktar those who are envious, the envious ones.


šïk moisture, dampness; meadow.

-tïŋ genitive case: of.

duruyaa crane.

-nï accusative case.


Алаак шыгы доңа бээрге аңгыр куштар кээргенчиг

Alaak šïgï doŋa beerge aŋgïr kuštar keergenčig

When glade and meadow freeze up, the shelducks are sad

šïk moisture, dampness; meadow.

ï 3rd person possessive: his/her/its.

šïgï < šïk-ï.

doŋ- to freeze.

-a converb: -ing.

doŋa freezing.

ber- to give; inchoative auxiliary verb: to start, to begin to.

beer < *berir: giving.

(-A/I)r present/future participle.

-ge dative case.

beerge when giving, when starting to.

doŋa beerge when starting to freeze, when freezing up.

keergenčig sad, pitiful, woeful.

Артык ынаа ырай бээрге анай кара кээргенчиг

Artïk ïnaa ïray beerge anay kara keergenčig

When his/her dear love goes away, the sweetheart is sad

artïk more, better; dear.

ïnak beloved, love.

ïnaa < ïnak-ï.

3rd person possessive: his/her/its.

Тулаа шыгы доңа бээрге дуруяа куштар кээргенчиг

Tulaa šïgï doŋa beerge duruyaa kuštar keergenčig

When marsh and meadow freeze up, the cranes are sad

Душкан эжи ырай бээрге дунда кара кээргенчиг

Duškan eži ïray beerge dunda kara keergenčig

When his/her ?any friend goes away, the beloved is sad

duškan ?any.


eži < eš-i.