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Merged from Talk:Kongar-ool Ondar

This should be merged with Ondar Kongar-ool. Also, to avoid Romanization issues, they should all redirect to Ондар Коңар-оол, but that doesn't seem to be inline with the norm on this wiki. Oh well.

Yea, needs merging. As for the cyrillic, an idea behind this wiki is to assist an English-speaking world with accessing information about Tyva by gathering it in a single location. A lot of info already exists in other languages, mostly Russian. We hope to assist those wishing to learn Tyvan but it isn't expected of them so information exists in both English and Tyvan (both in Cyrillic and transliterated). You could create Ондар Коңар-оол as a redirect to Ondar Kongar-ool though. Check out Дыңгылдай or Агитатор for example. Something I didn't really like with Cyrillic in the URL is the fact that it gets converted to some ugly encoded junk after you manually type it in. --Sborsody 20:38, 12 April 2006 (PDT)