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Taraan taraa, nogaa čimis

Dazïr šölder sïŋmas turar oy-oy

? ïškaš xevir sïnnïg

Daglar užu Teve-Xayam oy-oy

can the question mark be "taŋdï"?

taŋdï: high mountain, high taiga (mountain forest); taŋdïmay my dear mountain forest, my lofty mountain. [LM tangnuu]

Not sure, the original text (I must have retrieved it from the net, but I cannot remember where from) had 'tanky', and when listening to the songs it sounds like that, as far as I can make out. But there is no such word in the dictionaries, or something that resembles it (danky, tangky, tanggy etc). Also, the original text was not an accurate transcription. So I am still in doubt. Maybe you have another version to check it? I don't have the last two Yat-kha ones. Umay 06:11, 26 July 2008 (PDT)

i don't have kuular versions. yat-kha versions sound like "tangy" or "tanky", but chirgilchin version sounds like "taŋdï". so i'm not sure, either. that's why i started a discussion here.