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Chaa, men eki er bolujn, üzhen ak dongga sanaajn

So, let me be a good man, let me count thirty white jugs:

chaa fine, well, so, right.

men I.

eki good.

er man.

bol- to be, to become.

-ujn 1st person imperative/optatvive 'let me'

üzhen thirty.

ak white.

dongga jug.

sana- to count.

-ajn 1st person imperative/optatvive 'let me'

bir one.

iji two.

Üsh three.

dört four.

besh five.

alty six.

chedi seven.

ses eight.

tos nine.

on ten.

on bir eleven.

on iyi twelve.

cheerbi twenty.

cheerbi bir twenty one.