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Cyrillic Tyvawiki Turkology Lopsaŋ-Chinmit Description
А a a a ah, like in father
Б b b в unaspirated so it sounds somewhere between a p and a b.
В v v в, v, f¹ v like in victory
Г g g g, ƣ² g like in good, but between vowels and at the end of words it becomes fricative, something like at the end of 'argh'
Д d d d unaspirated so it sounds like a t
Е e e e, je in russian this letter is palatized, kind of like in 'yea', but in tyvan it is for the 'eh' sound occurring in the middle of words
Ё jo yo jo a bit like 'yaw'
Ж zh ž ƶ like the s in measure
З z z z like a z in zoo
И i i i like an i in hid
Й j y j like the y in yes, but written as j so as not to get confused with the unrounded back vowel y below
К k k k k like in kick
Л l l l l like in learn
М m m m an m like in me
Н n n n an n like in no
Ң ŋ ŋ ņ the sound that occurs at the end of words like ring. the use of ŋ is unambiguous and comes from the old Tyvan latin alphabet.
О o o o an o like in for
Ө ö ö ө a bit like the 'ur' in sure
П p p p a strong p sound, because it's aspirated
Р r r r the r is trill, but not rolled like in spanish
С s s s a regular s like in so
Т t t t a t like in true, but between vowels it sounds more like a d
У u u u a u like the sound in moon
Ү ü ü y sounds a little like the e in 'ew'
Ф f f f an f like in for
Х kh x x like the ch at the end of scottish 'loch'. it's a kind of 'h' sound with a lot of friction.
Ц ts ts ts a ts like in 'its'
Ч ch č c the ch like in church
Ш sh š ş the sh like in shoot
Щ shch šč şc a soft sh sound, like bunching together 'fresh cheese'
Ъ ` ` " tyvan has some vowels that are pharyngealized and this character is used to mark vowels with this quality
Ы y ï ь sounds somewhere between the i in 'hid' and a u is 'uh'. do not round your lips like the u in 'moon'.
Ь ' ' ' a character used in russian that palatizes the preceeding consonant. not used in tyvan but likely encountered.
Э e e e the e like in 'bed'
Ю ju yu ju the beginning of 'you'
Я ja ya ja like in 'yap'

(1):в is used between vowels and after l (2):ƣ is a voiced fricative